Privacy Policy

Information regarding processing of personal data and protection of privacy

Here you can read about our privacy protection policy. It addresses how and in what manner we protect your personal data and your privacy. Protecting your privacy and complying with applicable data protection legislation is important to us.

In order to be able to use Melobee, on the web or as an application, the "Service", and its functions fully, and in order for us to be able to administer your account, it is necessary that you provide us with certain personal data.

1. Personal data which we collect

When you create an account and begin to use the Service, we ask you for your name (birth and/or artist), email address, location, username and password. There is no obligation or legal requirement for you to provide the data. However, it is necessary for us to collect and save the data in order for you to be able to use the Service, and for us, to administer your account. As an option you may choose to provide additional data to your account such as, telephone number, profile picture, website address and links to social media sites where you have a profile/account. Further, if you use the alternative to create your account and sign in on the Service via Facebook, then we will collect and save also such data that you have provided on Facebook, including your Facebook id and Facebook profile.

By using the Service additional user generated content will be created and saved, such as role, preferred genres, votes, plays, users following you, your followed users, playlists, tracks and comments, and including a unique authentication id.

Using the Service also entail that we - using cookies - receive and save information regarding your web browser, your device's ID number and the IP number used. We use cookies in order to enhance your use and experience of the Service, such as to enabling us to remember your sessions. If you want to reject or erase previously saved cookies, please see your web browser instructions.

2. How collected data is used, purposes, and legal basis for the processing

The data which you submit to us is used to register and administer your account, including, but not limited to, uploaded music, for example so that we can communicate with you and provide news, feedback, changes, updates, evaluations, analyses and investigations, as well as other matters which are relevant to and improve your use of the Service. Collected and saved data may also be used for analysis and statistics for the purpose of improving, maintaining, and protecting the Service. The legal basis for this purpose is that we need to carry out the processing to administer the account and to perform the agreement between us entailed by the sign up of the Service.

To the extent you provide us with additional, not required, personal data, such as telephone number, profile picture, website address and links to social media sites where you have a profile/account, including Facebook profile data, the legal basis for the processing of such data is your consent.

By creating an account and approving Melobee's Terms & Conditions and the information provided in this document, you provide your consent to us sending you newsletters or other mailouts by email or text message. You can always notify us, at any time, that you object to receiving such emails or text messages, i. a. by clicking on the deregistration link in each respective communication we send you.

3. Recipients who can review personal data

We use the personal data solely within our own organisation to administrate, operate and develop the Service, and do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer personal data. However, it may be transferred to and shared with other recipients, such as other group companies or service providers or other companies with which we cooperate, e.g. personal data processors who we retain to process personal data. The personal data is stored in MongoDB Atlas with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Ireland. In particular, developers will be able to access the data, and so also administrators handling developer access.

We do not transfer collected personal data to a third country, i.e. any country outside of the EU/EEA. However, transfer may take place if, for example, we have retained a processor to carry out certain processing. Transfer of personal data to a third country always requires a legal basis for such transfer.

4. Length of time that the data is stored

Personal data is saved for as long as you have an account and a user relationship to the Service and to us. However, your account and data may be erased if no meaningful usage of the account has taken place and a period of 12 consecutive months has elapsed.

If you wish to close your user account, you can easily do it in the account settings while you are logged in.

When your account has been closed we will erase your personal data without delay and no later than required from time to time under applicable data protection legislation, or an order of a court or public authority. Your data may be stored otherwise for a longer time if we are subject to applicable legislation requiring us to continue to store the data.

5. Information regarding your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation

According to the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have rights including the following:
  • To obtain, free of charge and upon request, access to, and a copy of, the personal data about you which is processed (Article 15);
  • To have inaccurate information rectified or incomplete data completed (Article 16);
  • To request, in those cases and subject to the conditions stated in the GDPR, erasure of your personal data (Article 17);
  • To obtain restriction of such processing which involves your personal data (Article 18);
  • To object to the processing which takes place (Article 21); and
  • To receive and transfer such personal data which you have provided to us in accordance with what is known as the right to data portability (Article 20).
6. Revocation of consent, deregister from receiving newsletters and other mailouts

To the extent we process personal data and this is based on you consent, you are entitled to revoke your consent at any time.

You can always deregister from receiving newsletters or other mailouts by notifying us at any time, or by clicking on the deregistration link in each respective communication we send you.

7. Revocation of consent, deregister from receiving newsletters and other mailouts

Melobee Music Revolution AB operates and is responsible for the Service and is the controller for the processing of personal data which takes place.
Melobee Music Revolution AB, reg. no: 559050-3099
Address: Skeppargatan 55, K, 114 59 Stockholm
Responsible officer at the company: Stanislav Izotov, email:

8. Right to submit a complaint

If you are dissatisfied or have any criticism of the processing of personal data which is carried out, you are always entitled to submit a complaint to the Swedish Data Protection Authority, or to any other relevant supervisory authority. Contact information to the Swedish Data Protection Authority is: Email or telephone on +46 (0)8-657 61 00.

If you have questions or would like more information regarding the processing of personal data which takes place, you are welcome to contact us; see contact information in section 7 above.

Last Edited on 2018-07-03