Discover. Pick genres you like, and discover new music from those genres. You like the track? Swipe it up the charts. You don’t like it? Swipe it down the charts. Artists climb the charts based on whether you swipe their music up or down on the Discover. Every new track placed on the Discover gets an equal number of listens, and you are played new tracks at random, based on your genre preference. You can only vote once for each track you hear, and only for tracks that are on the Discover, which ensures a fair voting system. This creates a level playing field for artists and means that our charts are uncorrupted: They are based on your swipes only, which enables artists to break through only if you and the community like their music.

Interact. Whether you want to create a world around your taste in music for others to see, or just stay anonymous and focus on the music — it’s all good. For now, you can comment on artists' tracks. By 2019, we expect to have live chats, categories of interests and live streams where you will be able to watch or listen live to your favourite artists.

Contribute. Pay artists, not platforms. We believe you should have the freedom to pay artists per month and tip on their music if you like it. Melobee’s core is developing into a model for you to further connect and support your favourite artists allowing them to live off their art. A model that is proven to work — now taken to music streaming.
We are working tirelessly on this and expect it to be ready in 2019. Join us and be first to try it out.