Frequently Asked Questions

Nicki S.: I’m signed with a record label. Can I join Melobee?

Yes, absolutely! Unless your record label prohibits you to promote yourself. Melobee is a promotional tool.

How does Melobee help me get my music heard?

Melobee actively “pushes” your music out to listeners who have chosen to hear music from your genre. When listeners like a song and swipe up, the song will be re-distributed to more listeners and create an organic viral effect.

Corey D.: What you guys plan on doing promotion wise for Melobee artists?

First of all, the platform itself is a promotion for the artist. You will be guaranteed to get your music in front of a certain amount of listeners. If those listeners like your music, you’ll be further exposed to more people. Then, we feature artists on our Raw Live Sessions and Meet The Makers Podcast. Those will then be posted throughout our social media outlets.. If you want to be featured, reach out to us! We have a waiting list of artists but we always need more and we want to feature as many artists as possible.

Garrett J.C.: Is Melobee free for both Artists and Listeners?

Yes. It is free for artists to download the app, access the platform, create an account and upload their music to then be heard by listeners worldwide. The artists will then get feedback and climb the charts. We see Melobee as a great tool for artists to promote themselves and their music. With the goal being to catapult their music and connect with an audience on an international scale. Therefore, we will continue to develop this “toolbox” for artists. For an artist to access these tools, they will need a Premium Account. For listeners, we will keep developing our platform to improve the overall experience within the Melobee Platform. This will include extra cool features which can also be accessed through the Premium account. But again, our basic services to make an account, discover and listen to new music and participate in creating the future of music together with the artists, will always be free.

Garrett J.C.: Will Melobee be paying royalties for plays on the platform?

Melobee is the promotional tool for artists. We will help you propel through global streaming where you will find revenue. We will then give you the tools to create additional revenue through touring and live acts (where, btw, the real money’s at).

Garrett J.C.: Will artists be able to sell merch and tickets directly to their fans through their artist profiles?

It’s part of our vision to add these services in the future. We’re here to be a full ecosystem for Artists and people who love music. Our vision is to become the largest Music Community in the world, where everything music-related exists and happens. Will keep you all updated with everything we will be developing.

Garrett J.C.: Who is Melobee’s target audience for listeners? What age range and how will you recruits listeners?

To start, our target audience is 15–25. However, we’re a platform for all music and all artists. Hopefully, artists like yourself will share within your network and once melobee is live, listeners can jump on the platform and start participating. And of course we have other ideas on how to notify them once Melobee is live. As we see it now, the artists themselves will be the first listeners listening and participating on the platform.

Garrett J.C.: What kinds of rights are artists signing away by uploading their music to the Melobee platform? Does Melobee have the authority to use anything without an artist’s consent?

You as an artist/songwriter/producer keep all of your rights to your music and can take it down at anytime you want. Melobee does not have ANY “authority” to use your music without your consent and do not claim any rights to your music. With Melobee, you have full control of your music and discover true indepentent Artist power! Read our disclaimer for more info on the Artist Landing Page..

Mehmet G.: I was wondering about the copyright thing. Is Melobee able to share free download bootleg remixes of the DJs and music producers.

We are not able to share anything unless the copyright/master owner agrees. We love that djs/producers ARE DOING remixes as long as they are credited correctly. Unfortunately it is not up to us and we could get in trouble if we share content that has not been ok’d. Hopefully in the future, the platform will have some remix contests for original songs.

John M.: Where is the money to run the site coming from? If musicians and songwriters are being asked to upload their creations and “listeners” get to listen to it. How does the creator of the art get paid for their time, effort and creativity?

The founder, Mats, has invested most of the money to build the platform. Do we have a business model? Yes, of course we do. We do not want to make money from your music. Instead we’ll expand what we have created. This is a tool for artists to expand their reach, build a fanbase and eventually when there is enough demand, sell their music through endless amounts of outlets. We will add premium accounts for both artists and listeners that want more out of the features and the experience. It will always be free for artist and listeners to use the basics of Melobee. Of course there are different ways to see it, whether it be we are doing you a favor or you are doing us a favor by uploading your music. You should ask yourself can this lead to good things for me? Also, what do I have to lose by uploading my music? Make your decision based on the answers to those questions and not if you want to just use Melobee as a free promotional tool.

Who can use the platform / Does my music fit in?

We are for everyone. We want all genres on the platform and it doesn’t matter if you’re a up and coming/unsigned artist or a well known artist with a following. Anyone who wants to expand their fanbase and let their music find new listeners can use Melobee.

Eamonn B.: When is Melobee launching?

We will launch our beta platform mid September on Web and iOS mobile app for our founding artists who will each get 10 invite codes to share.

What formats can I upload?

We support Mp3+artwork, Mp4 and Quicktime movie at the moment.

How many songs/videos should I upload?

Go for it! Upload as many as you want.

What devices can I use Melobee on?

We are launching with Web and iOS App, and Android will follow soon.

Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?

Trick question!

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