This is Melobee

We believe all artists should have an equal chance to break through if they have talent. For the first time in history, and thanks to the fast advancement in technology, our algorithms guarantee fair play for all artists to reach the top.

Artists rise up the charts with virtual speed based on the direct participation of listeners worldwide swiping up the music they love. Artists can break through without a major label, network, or money.

Listeners can discover the next big artists worldwide and follow them from the beginning. Swipe up the music they love and be part of creating the uncorrupted charts.

Our People
  • Mats Wahlstrom - Founder & Chairman
  • Edward Cederlund - CEO
  • Lukas Nathanson - Head of Music
  • Greger Hagelin - Board Member (Business)
  • Andreas Carlsson - Board Member (Composer)
  • Jonas Lundberg - Board Member (Tech & Design)
  • Ruth Edmondson - Culture Manager UK
Life at Melobee

Get to know us behind the scenes. Watch our MeloVlog:

Melobee Music Revolution AB - HQ
Östermalmsgatan 87E, 4tr
Stockholm, Stockholm 114 59